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Our organization is dedicated to providing outstanding mental health services and is always looking for passionate professionals to join our team. We strive to create a team-based approach to mental health care and recognize the importance of collaboration among mental health professionals. We offer a variety of job opportunities in the mental health field, ranging from entry-level positions to more advanced roles. Our team is comprised of therapists, social workers, nurses, technicians, and other mental health professionals who are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care. If you are interested in exploring job opportunities in the mental health field, please contact us today.

Positions at IBHS

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Registered Nurse 

RN's will be a part of an integrated team approach, to ensure individuals are educated on their medications, mental health, and physical health. RN's will teach program participants to advocate for themselves and reduce a history of institutionalization. This is in a residential setting and we are looking to cover all shifts: day shifts and night shifts, to possibly include weekends, holidays etc.

Nursing shifts are 12 hours 6-6.

· Clients have to be medically stable to be admitted to the program. If medical intervention is required above basic first aid, the client will be transported to a higher level of care.

· This is a stepdown facility to assist clients in their transition to independence, away from an institutional mindset. The average stay for a client at IBHS is on average 3 months.

· You will be part of an integrated team, including a Program Director, Program Administrator, Social Worker, Therapist, Shift supervisors and Direct Care staff.

Residential Mental Health Technician

Recovery-Oriented Coaches will:

· Teach program participants to advocate for themselves

· Reduce a pattern of institutionalization

· Provides a safe, effective, and efficient implementation of direct care in accordance with established policies, procedures, and standards of care

· Establishes, maintains, and co-facilitates a therapeutic relationship with members served; acts as a role model by maintaining a hopeful and positive attitude and problem-solving and coping with mental illness

· Attends and participates in community meetings and groups

· Charts and observes client behavior

· Documents client activities of daily living, response to interventions, and significant behavioral changes as appropriate

· Admits and discharges members served as assigned; including completing associated documentation

· Assists members served with hygienic care

· Assists at mealtime by distributing meal trays, pouring beverages, and/or feeding members served in need of assistance

· Provides client monitoring

· Assists in client outings, which may include driving.

· Practices body substance precautions at all times

This is in a residential setting and we are looking to cover all shifts: day shifts and night shifts, to possibly include weekends, holidays ect.


Drivers work Monday through Friday for 4 hours per day. The Driver will be responsible for taking consumers to medical appointments, as well as scheduling appointments and maintaining a weekly driving schedule. Applicants must have a valid driver's license with a clean driving record.

Mental Health Counselor/Therapist - LIMHP, LICSW, LMHP, PLMHP

Tasks would include working with a multidisciplinary team, creating treatment plans and individual sessions, leading groups, completing paperwork, and assisting with the therapeutic milieu on the unit.

Opportunity to work towards your “LI” while working with your clientele!

Applicants should expect to be actively involved in client treatment and treatment planning. Be able to advocate for client needs and give guidance to non-clinical staff.

Experience is preferred, however, will work with someone wanting to learn about serving a vastly underserved population.

The services Integrated Behavioral Health Services provides include Outpatient Therapy, Community Support, Day Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Residential Rehabilitation, and secure residential.

Community Support Specialist

The Community Support Specialist will assist with completing a comprehensive assessment for each participant, identifying needed support, including rehabilitation, employment, housing, education, substance abuse services, medical and dental services, and any other activities necessary for recovery. The community support worker is responsible for developing an Individual Service Plan with the participant, encompassing the active support and rehabilitative interventions identified in the comprehensive assessment. Initially, the community support worker will work to actively link, refer, and coordinate necessary services and supports identified in the individual service plan. Still, the program's primary mission is to teach the participant skill-building concepts necessary to maintain and support their recovery.

Day Psychiatric Team Lead 

Day Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program team leader who will take ownership in our unique agency by coming alongside our participants and teaching them skills through evidence-based practices. This team leader will guide individuals through our program on a daily basis and be responsible for recognizing and addressing the individual needs of our participants. This individual will lead evidence-based psycho-educational groups, create treatment plans and complete functional assessments, complete daily documentation on individual participants, attend staff meetings, and assist with community engagement. This individual will assist participants in learning activities of daily living, social skills, and vocational skills in a day program setting.

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