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Community Support Specialist/Case Manager

Lincoln, NE, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Join our Integrated Behavioral Health Services team as part of cutting-edge work with mental illness! We seek a Community Support Specialist who will take ownership of our agency by coming alongside our participants and teaching them skills through evidence-based practices. The IBHS Community Support Program is for individuals disabled by severe and persistent mental illness. This service is designed to provide face-to-face contact with participants, encouraging the development of skills necessary to live as independently as possible while learning to contribute to the community. Emphasis is placed on an active rehabilitation plan which addresses all functional deficits. More specifically, this individual will assist participants in learning activities of daily living, social skills, and vocational skills through a case management relationship.

Our new Community Support Specialist will assist with completing a comprehensive assessment for each participant, identifying needed support, including rehabilitation, employment, housing, education, substance abuse services, medical and dental services, and any other activities necessary for recovery. The community support worker is responsible for developing an Individual Service Plan with the participant, encompassing the active support and rehabilitative interventions identified in the comprehensive assessment. Initially, the community support worker will work to actively link, refer, and coordinate necessary services and supports identified in the individual service plan. Still, the program's primary mission is to teach the participant skill-building concepts necessary to maintain and support their recovery.

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  • This individual should be working toward an education in the Health and Human Services field and/or have two years of case management experience. A valid driver’s license with a clean driving record is required. We encourage our staff to practice consistent self-care activities, understanding it is challenging to remain engaged, productive, and healthy when not practicing these activities. We are seeking a case manager who is adaptable to differing personalities and challenges, can maintain a busy and fluctuating schedule, and has a solid understanding of the principles of healthy boundaries.

About the Company

Integrated Behavioral Health Services is a small business in Lincoln, NE. We are supportive, rewarding, challenging and our goal is to Building a stronger, healthier community together!.

Our work environment includes:

Growth opportunities
Casual work attire
On-the-job training

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